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Dec 4, 2014
PACENTER Providing Free Informational Videos For Student And Consumers Alike.


In PACE’s never-ending commitment to provide great customer service and added-value to our product line, we are glad to share our entire video database, for free, on our website. The Video Database features a variety of videos that not only focus and support our product line, but also teach industry standards in soldering, desoldering and circuit board repair. We also offer in depth educational video-series covering topics from the most basic of soldering practices, to the more complex applications.

Our more popular “Basic Soldering” Series covers the basics of safe hand soldering, including topics like:


…while the Rework and Repair series goes more into depth on topics such as:


Among our educational videos, PACE also provides full tutorials for a number of our hand-pieces as well as our workstations. Find in depth tutorials and informational videos for the: SX-70 Sodr-X-TractorTT-65 ThermoTweez, TP-65 Thermo-Pik, PRC 2000 Benchtop Workstation, IR 3000 BGA Workstation and the SX-100 Sodr-X-Tractor. Use these videos to take advantage of all the features PACE products have to offer.

Pace is happy to provide all these educational videos in several different languages. Visit the PACE Video section and view all our educational and promotional videos dubbed in your native language. Our inventory includes videos in: Spanish, French, Mandarin, Japanese, Portuguese, Swedish and several more.

With the higher demand for online content, the PACE team will be taking more steps in providing useful digital content online and on our website. Driven by customer inquiries and online comments, PACE aims to provide new original content each month, pertaining to anything industry related.  In the upcoming year, we also plan on producing short supplemental videos to support all our product tutorials and promos.

Visit the PACE Video Section now to view our entire database of PACE educational films and videos and learn more about PACE products and services.