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Mar 23, 2015


PACE Process Guides provide accurate soldering methods and practices for the SMT, Rework and Repair Industry. PACE Process Guides document multiple methods in conducting common soldering applications using PACE Handpieces and Soldering Systems. PACE currently features 60+ individual Process Guides free to download direct from the PACE Website. The Guides are intended to further educate our customer base, as well as their customers and students alike.

1. Website

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A. Process Guide Number & Description 
B. Handpiece & Component Type
a. Direct link to handpieces
C. Tabs
a. Procedure
b. Equipment Required
c. Materials
d. Tips/Nozzles
D. Step-by-Step Procedure
a. With image references
E. Procedure Images
a. Linked to Video
F. Hi-Definition Video
G. Downloadable PDF


2. Downloadable Process Guide PDF

The two-page Process Guide PDF contains everything you need to know to successfully execute a specific application. The first page contains all the necessary equipment required to perform the application. The procedure is carefully explained sequentially with references to high definition pictures on the adjacent side of the page.
The second page contains the complete list of tips that can satisfy the requirements for the application. Included are: tip dimensions, stencil drawings and their respective P/Ns.

3. Hi-Definition Process Guide Videos

Each PACE Process Guide is accompanied by a 30-second Hi-Definition video. The video runs through the step-by-step procedure as written on the Process Guide. The video can be put in full-screen without losing quality. Unlike our publicized training and educational videos, these videos are specific only to PACE Worldwide and can only be accessed through the PACE website.

4.   Process Guide Search Navigation

The PACE Process Guide Search Engine is driven categorically. By inputting the requirements to your application, the search engine refines your search until only applicable Process Guides are showing. PACE Process Guides offer multiple methods for one application, including different hand-pieces and soldering techniques. General maintenance and prep-work can also be searched for boards, handpieces and tips.

5. Complies with IPC Training Practices and PACE Accredited Training.

All Process Guides are compliant with standard IPC and PACE accredited training practices. During the upcoming months, PACE will be outfitting all our training partners and key distributors with our complete Process Guide inventory.

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