PRC 2000 Extended Video

Terms and Definitions

Apr 20, 2015
PACE Video

Watch the full length Product Video for one of PACE's most capable and succesful Circuit Board Repair Stations ever.



The PRC 2000 is a Process Control System for Universal Assembly and Repair of Electronic Assemblies. The systems include the power source with a selection of accessories and functional aids. The systems are available in a variety of package configurations to suit your needs.

The Power Source houses five functional sections:

  • The PRC 2000 THERMAL MANAGEMENT CENTER incorporates outputs for specialized SensaTemp handpieces for safe installation and removal of virtually all surface mount and thru-hole components. Three auxiliary channels provide SensaTemp control of separately sold AC line-powered accessories.
  • The PIK AND PASTE section features a self-contained high pressure air supply with timing control for precise dispensing of solder paste and other materials. The vacuum pick has a finger actuated release for convenient component handling.
  • The PRC 2000 MICROCHINE is a lightweight, variable speed machining handpiece for precise circuitry and substrate repair. With its tachometer feedback, the MicroChine can maintain controlled drilling and milling rates under varying loads. The MicroChine’s patent pending PROBE BRAKE feature instantly stops machining at a selected layer depth for safe multilayer repair.
  • The PULSE HEAT section provides variable controlled, low voltage AC pulse power to an array of specialized handpieces for safe surface mount rework, circuitry repair, auxiliary heating, coating removal and thermal wire stripping.
  • The PULSE PLATE section provides variable controlled DC pulse powerfor high-quality cleaning and electroplating of edge connectors and other circuit contacts with nickel, gold and other metals.

For more information on the PRC 2000, visit the product page here with all compatible handpieces and tools.